lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Reviving mod finally completed!

Its time to become a medic!;with my mod you can do it! press H to revive peds like paramedics! its fun!
after some months is now totally complete!
Download it from mediafire;click me!
Take a look to the GTA Garage page!

venerdì 27 luglio 2012

TF2 Spy mod for san andreas!

Ever dreamed to become the TF2 Spy in San Andreas?,now you can with my mod!,you can use disguising kit,the cloak and all the other things!
Download It now! Click Me

mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

Nuke Bomb Mod

With this mod you can launch a nuclear bomb to your position.You will call a your
 US Army friend that will give you a suite to survive
 to the bomb radiations and will call for the bomb 
drop.The bomb will hit the ground in 1 minute (Real time)(You can abort the launch
 by pressinc
after the bomb will hit
 the ground a very big sequences of explosions will come out.Remember!
 you will survive 
to the radiations of the bomb, dont to the explosion so 
dont stay too near to the bomb site.After the explosions the 
radiations will kill all the persons in San Andreas except you and
 some other rare peaple (The peaple that will hide in interiors will survive)
 and almost any palace will start burning.When you want to rebuild
 the state and remove radiations Press R+E and all will back to normal.
Keys and more infos in readme file Enjoooy! Download it NOW!

sabato 21 aprile 2012

Killer Mod

In this new Mod you can Become a Killer Press the key BackSpace to enter in the hitman mod,someone with a hit contract on him will be higtlighted in the map,and you can kill him\her after that you will get 3 wanted stars and when you want thake out your phone and call who ordinated the hit  to claim the moneys by pressing again BackSpace
Download It NOW!

LAPD First Response

The First Cleo Mod For San Andreas ever Created. instruction in the site were is hosted.
 Download The Mod Here

KIdnapping Mod

This Mod Allows You to Kidnap anyone you want With a 9mm Pistol. Press L near a guy to kidnap,after he will follow you and police will try to get you. when you want,tie up him with N and When is tied up press Y to ask for a ransom (Have to wait 5 Minutes). ENJOY Download Kidnapping Mod Now!

Police RoadBlocks Spawner Version 3.0

My Newest mod That Allows you to spawn Different Objects By Pressing ''U'' Download The V3 Of the Roadblocks Spawner NOW! Enjoy.